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La brochure HSA Systems profile est disponible dans plusieurs langues différentes :

Download English version Download French version Download German version
Download Spanish version Download Portuguese version HSA-profile-CZ
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HSA profile front RU HSA profile front DA HSA profile front TR
HSA profile front KO

FDS Encres HP TIJ2.5

If you don't find the Safety Datasheet you need in below list, please send a request to mail@hsasystems.com
Code FDS pour les encres HP EN DE
C6119A HP45 Black Ink cartridge and Bulk Supply Download -
C6168A HP Spot Red Ink cartridge Download -
C6170A HP Spot Blue Ink cartridge Download -
C6173A HP Spot Yellow Ink cartridge Download -
C6195A HP Fast Dry Black Ink cartridge Download Download
C8842A HP Versatile Black Ink cartridge Download Download
Q2320A HP Versatile Black Ink bulk printhead Download -
Q2321A HP Versatile Black Ink bulk cartridge Download -
Q2344A HP Dye 1918 Black Ink cartridge Download Download
CQ849A HP Durable Black Ink cartridge Download -