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TIPC15 Premium Touch Controller

NEW PREMIUM Touch controller for up to 100 print height.

utilizes HP Thermal InkJet 2.5 technology

The HSAJET® Premium Touch Printer Controller utilizes HP Thermal InkJet 2.5 technology. It the most compact stand alone touch controller available in the market that enables a print height of up to 100 mm (4").

The controller builds on the PCI express based HSAJET® CB6e controller board.

The TIPC15 is delivered with Windows7 operating system and OBJ InkDraw printing software, which is our software specially designed for coding/marking applications.

Advanced software features

Stitching accuracy down to pixel level means printable objects can be located anywhere on the canvas without limitation.

All TIPC15 software packages offer a flexible ink saving feature providing up to a 75% ink saving in addition to fully variable resolution.

Remote control

The comprehensive communication protocol allows you to control the unit remotely. Remote management is done through ethernet or serial connection.

Print at breakthrough speeds of up to
300 m/min (984 ft/min) in 300 x 150 dpi

• graphics • Text (alphanumerical)
• counters • Printlog
• shift codes • Linear & 2D Barcodes*
• Date & time (Real-time & A djusted)
• Windows Fonts
* For information on specific barcodes, please contact us at (+45) 66 10 34 01
or use this link to download