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Têtes d’impression Premium HSAJET

Têtes d'impression HSAJET Premium

Nouvelle tête d'impression HSAJET Premium utilisable avec une série de nouveaux contrôleurs d'impression utilisant la technologie HP TIJ 2.5.
  • Robust and compact design
  • Purge button on head
  • Industrial connectors
  • One and same foot plate for left and right travel of products
  • Quick and easy change of cartridge
  • Low ink indication and reset button on head
  • Built-in print head protection switch

sheet printer

Installation example: 20''Sheet printing

With the installation of 5 x 8-pen Premium printheads mounted on an HS1500 mail table it is possible to achieve a print height of up to 20''.

The customer asked for a 20'' inkjet printer able to print rows and columns of 2D QR codes and OCR with variable data in order to quickly produce a high amount of labels.

The 8-pen printhead guarantees a perfect stitching and alignment.


Download HSAJET Premium Printheads brochure


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