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Premium Printhead


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Upcoming new
Premium print head for HP TIJ 2.5

HSA Systems has developed a new Premium Print head for use together with our
HSAJET® printer controllers for HP TIJ 2.5 cartridges. Release date will be announced
in the nearest future. The print head is equipped with several new features - not
previously seen on a TIJ2.5 Printhead.

Characteristics of the new print head

Very easy change of cartridge

This feature allows changing of the print cartridge with one hand and without using a latch

A combination of magnets and springs secure a correct position of the print cartridge

Magnets secure the print cartridge to contact sets and ensure the correct position by also securing the print cartridge sideways

A spring device pushes the print cartridge to the bottom of the stall

The design of the stall ensures that the cartridge, in combination with magnets and springs, is always locked in the correct position

Print head is equipped with a keyboard on which you can:

See 'Low ink' warning appear by LED on the keyboard/p>

De-activate the alarm when changing the print cartridge

Prime the individual cartridge of the printhead

More unique features

The print head is controlled via one single RJ45 (Ethernet) connection

The print head is equipped with a built-in compact product sensor

The print head is a robust design made of aluminum

The design is compact. Distance from the print cartridge nozzles to the lowest edge is
minimized, so you can print very near a conveyor belt

The print head is available in configurations of 1, 2, 3 and 4-pen