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New Heatless Ink

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The new IQ9493 Heatless Ink II has been launched



Printing on a wider range of materials
IQ9493 Heatless Ink II can print on semi-porous substrates as well as non-porous materials e.g.:

  • Aqueous acrylic resin coatings
  • Blister foil
  • Clay-coated materials
  • Oriented nylon
  • Polyester
  • Varnish overcoats






No need for a heater to dry the ink
Because this is a quick-drying ink, a heater is not required, and it is now possible to print on non-porous materials even with small printers unable to be fitted with heaters.

Excellent light-fastness, water resistance and heat resistance
Improved light-fastness, water resistance and heat resistance. Now it is possible to print on previously unprintable materials.

Highly reliable HP manufactured cartridges
Under license from America's Hewlett-Packard Corporation, the Specialty Printing Systems Division, the inks from General are filled into genuine, original HP manufactured cartridges.


For further information on the new IQ9493 Heatless Ink call on +45 66 10 34 01
or Download brochure